6 May 2008

The league of football teams toscane

Saturday's start of B and, unfortunately, with a news story that has nothing to do with football. 20 'Treviso-Grosseto was suspended due to veneti fans who have drawn the attention of players and the referee, because in the square held a policewoman in service to the stadium has fired a shot in the head. In an attempt to stop his colleague was slightly injured. The woman who has attempted suicide is hours in a coma at the hospital of Treviso.

For the record, the race was suspended on the score of 1-0 for Grossetto through a rigor Danilevicius.
Coming to the field Pisa lost 3-1 to the Parthenius di Avellino (net of Pisa Juliano) and now faces a race in Rimini, which may give the mathematics of the play-offs.

A continuing series in this time of Fiorentina after elimination in the semifinals of the UEFA Cup on penalties against Glasgow Rangers. The purple lose 2-1 to Cagliari against a team in great shape going on 2-0 thanks to networks of Jeda and Conti. It has nothing to serve the goals and forcing Santana's final squad of Pranelli now jumped to fourth place by winning the Milan derby.

It saves the mathematically Beretta Siena of obtaining a prestigious victory against Juventus thanks to a network at the beginning of Kharjia. Now the Bianconeri would leap Inter in the race for the shield, to make even more beautiful this season.

Empoli after the penultimate scivolone Procedure with the Udinese that takes away the three points with a network of Quagliarella, complice a gross error of dances. Giovinco wrong in shooting a penalty kick and the team Cagni a company must do to survive.

Even the hardest race of the defeated Livorno 3-2 in Bergamo, now hopes are almost finished and Sunday against Torino at home a victory might not be enough.

Andrea Chiavacci

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