Do not miss Florence

If you have decided to spend your holidays in Florence, with Guidatoscana You'll find everything you need to organize it better. Below is a list of attractions not to be missed.

  • The Cathedral - recommend to climb the dome by Brunelleschi, one of the most significant architectural symbols of Florence.
  • The Uffizi - The collection of paintings Renaissance largest in Italy.
  • The Bargello - A unique collection of sculptures and applied arts.
  • Santa Maria Novella - Inside you can admire the magnificent frescoes of Masaccio, Ghirlandaio, Paolo Uccello and other artists.
  • San Lorenzo - You will have the opportunity to admire the magnificent masterpieces by Michelangelo.
  • San Marco -- Holds the tables of devotional art of Fra Angelico.
  • Holy Cross - frescoes by Giotto, the beautiful Chapel of the Pazzi made by Brunelleschi.
  • Palazzo Pitti - A beautiful art gallery embellished by the most beautiful garden in Florence.
  • Brancacci Chapel - Here tourists can admire the frescoes of Masaccio and Masolino within the Church of Carmine.

Recommendations to visit the Museums of Florence ...

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