Visit Pisa Park of San Rossore in Pisa

You will be fascinated by the beauty of the area of Natural Park of San Rossore, a flat strip on the north coast of the province of Pisa where the presence of multiple environments compenetrati between them have allowed the various forms of plant and animal life to live with each other.
You can make within the estate guided tours and itineraries nature walk, bicycle, carriage and horse. For lovers of "bird watching" are booked excursions by boat in Lake Massaciuccoli, also is a terrirotio ideal for trekking, cycling and equiturismo.
Walking through the streets of the city, is easy to become immediately enchanted by the many points of access; by Piazza del Duomo along Via Santa Maria meet interesting buildings with facades five-eighteenth and numerous houses towers, the Augustinian Church of St. Nicholas until the Royal Palace at the end of the street where you open the evocative visual on lungarni. That just quote a route that offers the medieval city.
The growing number of visitors and the significant increase in tourism conference led to an increase decisive quality hotels and also a greater variety of solutions to meet stay and meet the diverse needs of taste and price of the guests.
The old town is well assorted hotels built various categories, but there are also interesting alternatives such as vintage residences, bed and breakfast, room rentals , Houses and apartments for holiday places in strategic points of the city from where you can easily reach the most important monuments but also the railway station el 'airport Galileo Galilei.


Centre tours San Rossore
Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday - Sunday
Tel / Fax 050 530 101
Centre visits Sterpaia
For information Reservations and guided tours in horse and carriage
Tel 050 523 019
Centre for environmental education Villa Medicea of Coltano
Laboratories, classrooms, environmental education activities, soggirni in guesthouse
Tel 050 989 084

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