Visiting Grosseto

The city is particularly interesting for its walls sixteenth plan hexagonal still intact that around the centre of town.

Inside the city raises an efficient network museum, which sees the presence of an Archaeological Museum, a Municipal Aquarium, a Museum of Natural History Maremma, a Museum of Sacred Art of the Diocese of Grosseto and finally the Museolab city of Grosseto.

Among the monuments that arise in Grosseto instead include the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, built in the early 1300 and subsequently restructured during 1800, inside are kept some important works and objects, such as a wooden crucifix and a 'water, the Church of St. Francis, the Church of St. Peter who is on a part of the Via Aurelia, the Cassero of Sale, built for the collection and distribution of salt, Palazzo degli Aldobrandeschi and finally the Convent of the Poor Clares, whose building today is excommunicated and hosts a pole museolab university and the city of Grosseto.

In plain Grosseto, lies in an amphitheater between the sea and the first buttresses hill, the tourism sector benefits from natural resources still intact, both on the coast both within the sea-pine forest ecosystem, the park National Maremma and the front hilly.

They compound the occasions of "intelligent tourism" with pathways particular suggestion environmental and historical and cultural value (Roselle Etruscan, the rediscovery of medieval settlements).

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