Abbazia di San Galgano e Fabio

Your holiday in Grosseto

Terme di Sorano Grosseto is at the centre of a vast territory and rich in attractions where it was possible to build a tourist circuit from year to year always better studied and organized precisely because the environment with its natural vocations has conditioned and marked the progress of this land following a development dimension of man and especially respecting the balance between city and country.

The low Tuscany is undoubtedly the region where the nature, tourism and 'agriculture find their highest expression and collaboration.

The ability to enjoy the beauty of Maremma is made possible by a significant and qualified system of accommodation.

The system is linked receptive to campsites, vast areas shaded by majestic pines in the heart of the Maremma, tourist villages, over 500 farm from the hill to the sea, sought Relais and every type Hotel.

For those travelling by sea can count on modern tourist port calls that guarantee safe shelter and the best standards of service.

Typical of these areas is the choice of staying in houses equipped with stables, riding schools, schools of surfing, mini-golf and cycling trails that wind for miles between the localities of the coast and inland to enjoy Leisure in contact with nature.

Where to stay in Maremma