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If you like archeology, you can not lose Shipyard ancient ships of Pisa: Located just outside the city walls, near the station Pisa-San Rossore.

This archaeological site was found in 1998 the remains of ancient Roman ships.

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A few kilometers from Pisa is the most important monastery, the monastery, in which is the Museum of Natural History and the territory. This is one of the most beautiful and ancient buildings in the outskirts of Pisa.

Simply magnificent, absolutely worth visiting.

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A tour tour to the historic center of Pisa
A path to admire the beauties kept in the streets of inner city ...

  1. Departure from Piazza dei Miracoli characterized the imposing of the Baptistery, Cathedral and Bell (known as "Leaning Tower").
  2. Going S. Maria, you can visit the Botanical Garden of the University of Pisa, which has its main entrance in Via Luca Ghini, 5 (approximately three minutes' walk from the famous Leaning Tower).
  3. Continuing along Via dei Mille (street right in front of Luca Ghini) will arrive in Piazza dei Cavalieri, where you can admire the Palace of the Caravan (home of the Scuola Normale Superiore), the characteristic Palace dell'Orologio (composed by the Tower of Seven Roads and the Tower of Muda, the latter also known as the "hunger" because there was imprisoned Count Ugolino della Gherardesca accused of treason along with children and grandchildren) and the sixteenth century Church of the Knights of St. Stephen.
  4. Entering via Ulisse Dini will arrive in Borgo Stretto, full of charming and facades of shops, which leads to the Ponte di Mezzo, where you can admire the beauty of Lungarni and facades of buildings.
  5. Crossing the Ponte di Mezzo, and turn immediately left, crossing the Lungarno Galileo Galilei, one arrives at one of the entrances of Fortress New or Scotto Garden, where there is a large communal garden equipped with games for children also used to host concerts, theatrical performances, exhibitions and cinema during the summer.
  6. You can continue the journey by crossing the Ponte della Vittoria to the Viale delle Piagge we find a path surrounded by nature, full of toys, along the Arno river, or decide to return to the starting point departure.
  7. retrace Lungarno Galileo Galilei to the Ponte di Mezzo and then continue through the Village close by, and so via Oberdan G. Carducci until you cross on the left via S. Joseph; along via S. Joseph and by Capponi will arrive in Piazza dei Miracoli.

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