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The city of Massa, which today counts nearly 70000 inhabitants, was born along the Via Franchigena and thanks to its strategic position was stopping place for pilgrims who went from France to Rome.

It is believed that the village of Massa has Roman origins dating back approximately in the first centuries d. C. but the more traces that remain today in the city are those of the Malaspina and Cybo-Malaspina who dominated by Massa 1440 for three centuries.

The position at the north of Tuscany Massa makes a city from the history of its own against other major centres Tuscan because being on the borders with both Liguria as with Emilia Romagna, and be virtually screen by 'direct influence of Florence for the interposition south of Lucca , Will cause mass able to escape, in the Renaissance, the influence exerted by Signoria of Family Physicians.

The Castle of Malaspina dominates the city perched on the rock while in the heart of town is the Piazza degli Aranci surrounded on three sides of orange trees and plants on the fourth overlooks the Ducal Palace by shiny red facade.