Visit Lucca

The six doors leads to the heart of the city crossed the main street, Via Fillungo, shopping center, to reach the old town rich in architectural and artistic attractions.
Not to be overlooked are the numerous churches, a symbol of religious fervor of the people of Lucca, and museums where he carefully preserved the complex history of this small city.
Leaving Lucca you can take nature tours of particular impact on the landscape:
Along the Strada del Vino delle Colline Lucchesi, we expect a rich landscape of olive groves, vineyards and woods.
Around Lucca opens a natural amphitheater surrounded by hills that stretches along the banks of the river Serchio: the Serchio Valley, whose beauty and plain vastness has inspired the famous composer Giacomo Puccini, and hosts a rich fauna that it merits a lake cruise in Lake Massacciuccoli.
To facilitate the sighting of the bird fauna can be found at the oasis birdwatching Lipu Massaciuccoli that, among other tasks, it also deals astrological observations, to prepare small Guest House accommodation in and make visits Museum for the Ecology of the swamp.
Following the Serchio another area of great natural and historical interest is the Garfagnana National Park on the eastern side of the Apuan Alps.
Along the ridges of the Tuscan-Emilian side of the province of Lucca, you can get odds among the highest of the Apennine Mountains to the National Park Tuscan-Emilian Apennines particularly rich woods where deer and wild boar live undisturbed.
The province of Lucca also overlooks the sea along a sandy beach with shallow water. This area called Versilia , Extends for 20 km of coastline and is bounded on the east by the west ridge of the Apuan Alps and the Ligurian Sea. It is an area that you can define a fine showcase of culture, entertainment and fun especially with the miles of beach richly equipped to ensure tourists the most hilarious holiday.

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