Beach holiday in Tuscany, the island of Giglio boasts the most beautiful sea

Beach holidays in Tuscany, the sea is the most beautiful of the island of Giglio, followed by Capalbio and Castiglione della Pescaia.

5 June 2009 / News

Beach holidays in Tuscany, the sea more beautiful if it wins the Giglio

Beach to Beach holidays in Tuscany, the most beautiful sea is the island of Giglio, followed by Capalbio and Castiglione della Pescaia.

It 'was released the list of places that have captured the five sails Legambiente: Tuscany boasts the top 13 in three appearances, certainly a great result that bodes well for the tourist season 2009. In Italian we find the top of the standings for the second consecutive year the Island of Giglio, followed by Capalbio and Castiglione della Pescaia.

Of particular interest are the reasons that led to the award of the jewels of Tuscany, for example Giglio made the difference the excellent sustainability and protection of terrestrial and coastal environment. Special mention must surely excellent collection systems, green areas (very well maintained) and sustainable mobility: the races were in fact increased the resources public both in daytime and night.

Capalbio instead was rewarded for its high level of sustainability and everything about the area understood as environment, landscape, rural economy and agriculture with great enhancement of the local products.

Castiglione della Pescaia puts on display its coastline, particularly in very good condition thanks to conservation projects, specifically targeted dune ecosystem. The award came for the promotion of sustainable mobility and commitment on

face of renewable energy and waste collection.

The full list of local award winning


Monte Argentario seen from a plane

The sea favorite holiday is undoubtedly the Tyrrhenian Sea: its water facing many of the places that have won the 5 sails signed Legambiente and the Italian Touring Club. The merit is without doubt the crystal clear waters, picturesque landscape, beautiful beaches, art, good food and above all respect and attention to environmental sustainability. On top of the list is Sardinia with an average of 3.4 sails, followed by Tuscany (3.03), Puglia (3), Sicily (2.63), Abruzzo (2.6), Ontario (2.56), Basilicata and Marche is on a par with an average of 2.5 sails location.